Welcome to the Danger Ranking section of Svet. This section will explain the system set in place to divide individuals based on their approximate danger in combat. Important thing to note however that someone who starts out lower on the scale can build their way up and be more powerful than someone who started at a higher level.

Rank E - Noncombatant - Has little in the way of real combat ability, may be a child, or an individual such as a scribe or priest with no combat capabilities. (Value: +0)

Rank D - Minor Combatant - With some combat capabilities, these individuals generally fill the role of thugs and guards. (Value: +1)

Rank D.2 - The man who started the barfight. (Value: +2)

Rank D.3 - The man who ended the barfight. (Value: +3)

Rank C - Standard Combatant - Possessing some developed combat abilities, these individuals are trained soldiers for the most part. (Value: +3)

Rank C.2 - A soldier who has worked to specialize his skills. (Value: +4)

Rank C.3 - An experienced soldier of some renown. (Value: +5)

Rank B - Veteran Combatant - Individuals with enough combat experience that they have become proficient in it, as they must be, to have survived this long. (Value: +5)

Rank B.2 - Individuals of such skill that they have gained renown on the battlefield. (Value: +6)

Rank B.3 - Experts in their given form of combat. (Value: +7)

Rank A - Elite Combatant - Masters of combat, with highly developed skills. (Value: +7)

Rank A.2 - The individuals that give the grunts nightmares. (Value: +8)

Rank A.3 - The individuals who give the veterans nightmares. (Value: +9)

Rank S - Ascendant Combatant - Individuals who have risen above the capabilities of the common man and woman, through various means. (Value: +10)

Individuals are only allowed to make characters that start at up to rank B, and at the main ranks. So, a character may be E, D, C, or B, but not the sub-ranks. The sub-ranks are achieved through RP. Staff members may create A rank characters. S rank characters are only allowed for staff, and are only FOR EVENTS.