Dominating the mountainous region to the North is Nashazemlya, a country of hard men and women, shaped by the unforgiving mountains that they call home. In this land, strength is often a measure of one's status, with the more powerful individuals holding more prestige. As a result of this, it is a warrior society above all else, with scholars and the such being relatively few. However, one would be foolish to believe that this means that the country is lacking, as they have strong beliefs, and even stronger wills.

People Edit

As a people, those of Nasha are tough and hardy. They have a warrior culture, where one's strength often equals their status in the community. However, this does not mean that knowledge is disregarded. The Chief of a village may be recognized more for his knowledge than for his strength, as is more often the case with aging leaders, who hold too much respect for anyone to challenge them.

Within Nashazemlya, there are multiple different groups, mostly based upon the location within the region, as well as the tribes that once inhabited the area before the country was united.

West Nasha Edit

Female Test

Young woman of the Yuka Tribe, having slain a Dire Wolf.

The people of West Nasha are said to be the strongest, with traditions that reach back to the days of tribal living. When coming of age (16 to 18, depending on exact area), young men and woman are sent out with minimal equipment, to survive for at least a week in the wilderness. In this time, they must also track down and slay a mighty beast. If they fail to find a beast in this time, they will remain in the wilderness until they find one, or die.

It is from this region that Khan Roark originated. It has also been the homeland of most Great Khans that came after, though there are a few exceptions to this pattern.

This is the region of Nashazemlya that boasts the most wealth, making it also the most powerful region, despite being less than half the size of the Eastern region.

Within West Nasha, one can find descendants of the Eins (most common), Yuka, and Turrik tribes.

East Nasha Edit

The Eastern part of Nashazemlya is dominated by wide steppes, where the Horse riders of the Taymyr, Wulf, Rholl, and Mels tribes once rode. Now, it is home to a mixture of isolated city-states and nomadic groups. The city-states themselves are each powerful in their own right, providing invaluable strongholds in the otherwise unforgiving wilderness. Nearby settlements depend on them for trade and news of recent events.