Overview Edit

The wildlife of Nashazemlya is something that one should not take lightly. The creatures in this land have survived for all of these years not by luck, but by adapting to the harsh wilderness. For one to live here, it means that one, if not many more, have died.

Sabertooth Edit


The big cat of this region, the Sabertooth is a fierce creature, measuring 4 feet at the shoulder on average. This predator is both intelligent and powerful, proving to be a threat to even veteran warriors. Any who travel through the territories of these creatures must be wary, as carelessness can lead to a sudden death (though, this can be said of anywhere in Nashazemlya).

Ursa Edit


The massive bears of this region are some of the most powerful creatures in Svet. Their strength is matched only by their ferocity. A single Ursa can tear apart an entire hunting party, leaving nothing but carnage and blood in their wake. Any warrior that manages to kill an Ursa has their status skyrocket, making them akin to a hero among the Nasha population.

These bears average at 6 feet at the shoulder when on all fours, and tower at around 12 feet tall when standing.

Mammoth Edit


The largest land based mammals in Svet, Mammoths are massive creatures, whose very steps shake the earth. A height of 18 feet at the shoulder means that they are some of the strongest creatures around. Luckily, they are not known for their aggressiveness unless provoked. Leave them alone, and they will very likely leave you alone. The exception to this rule, is during the spring months, when bulls become highly aggressive. All the same, they will not hunt a man down, like a Sabertooth or an Ursa.

Dire Wolf Edit

Dire Wolf

The large canines, and one of the top predators of Nashazemlya, Dire Wolves act as a very real threat to settlements across Nashazemlya, as these creatures are known to raid towns under the cover of darkness, retreating as soon as they determine that the threats outweigh the gains. Standing at around 3.5 feet at the shoulder, these beasts are both powerful and fast. While an individual may not be able to match a Sabertooth, an entire pack can easily tear apart one of the big cats. 

Steppe Horse Edit


A breed of horse found in Nashazemlya, the Steppe Horse is a hardy creature, with larger hooves than its Southern cousins. These animals are also stronger, though they lack the running speed and stamina of other horses. Overall however, they are excellent for travel through Nashazemlya, being able to travel long distances, while also being able to defend themselves against the region's smaller predators. In dire conditions, it is not unheard of for individuals to butcher Steppe Horses for their meat, as the creatures, being quite large, do have enough to keep an entire family fed for weeks.

Goat Edit


One of the most common creatures in Nasha, are the goats. These small creatures, generally averaging 3 feet at the shoulder, are surprisingly adept at surviving. They can be found both in the wild, and being farmed for their hides, meat, and milk. They also serve as one of the main prey animals in the region. At the same time, some are also kept as pets, being good for consuming brush and other plants that one wishes to be rid of. However, they can also be considered pests, wandering into fields and consuming the hard earned harvests of farmers.

Woolly Rhinoceros Edit


A heavyset creature, known to be very aggressive, while at the same time managing to be one of the most peaceful herbivores around. This creature, with poor hearing and even poorer eyesight, relies on its sense of smell for survival. It has been seen to practically ignore Dire Wolf packs, passing Sabertooths, and foraging Ursas, but at the first sign of a Human, it attacks with ferocious, merciless attacks, gouging and disemboweling men with its prominent horn. The reason for such specific targeting is unknown, though it has been observed that even the Ursas leave this beast alone. Standing 7 feet at the shoulder, the mighty Rhinoceros is not a beast to be taken lightly, less one wishes to be left as little more than a broken bit of flesh on the steppes.

North Elk Edit


The largest species of Deer in Svet, the North Elk is a mighty beast, standing 8 feet at the head, and sporting a massive set of antlers. This creature is a common prey animal for the people of Svet, as well as the predators. This does, however, not make it a helpless creature, as its powerful legs make it able to run at high speeds, as well as leap great distances. In addition to this, its impressive antlers allow it to defend itself quite well against most would-be predators.

By all accounts, the North Elk is a relatively peaceful animal, preferring to spend its days grazing and travelling in herds of around a dozen animals, with a single alpha male, usually surrounded by females, as well as perhaps one or two of his sons. The exception to this rule, is during the mating season, usually in early spring, when the males of this species become downright aggressive, challenging just about any creature that they believe they have a chance against.

Cynolycus Edit

A mysterious creature, the Cynolycus is more often found in myth and legend, than it is in actuality. One reason for this, could be that it has never been observed in the day, and its ability to hide and sneak about is the envy of many hunters. There are only two accounts of these creatures ever being killed, much less captured.


Artist's depiction of the Cynolycus

The first was by an expeditionary group from Aeterna, studying Nashazemlya's wildlife. The creature is said to have called to one of the sentries by name, and lured him into the darkness. The next morning, all that was found was a corpse, stripped of its flesh. The next night, the same thing occurred. Two sentries went this time. The first was killed within moments by the creature from the shadows, and the second did not last much longer. However, it gave the others of the party time to arrive. Blades had no effect on the creature, simply glancing off of its hide. Fire, however, proved very effective. Too effective. The creature was brought down, but it was charred beyond belief. Nonetheless, it was taken back to Aeterna for study.

The second case, was recorded by the fifth Khan of the Eastern Coast, Khan Miktosh, the Bow Serpent. He and his party, en route to Einsgrad, had camped for the night. Something began to call to them, by name. It picked his men off one by one. In an act of desperation, they ignited a circle around the camp. However, it was there, among them. After a fierce battle, in which the creature was forced into the flames, only the Khan and two of his guards were left alive.

The creature, though extremely rare, is also extremely dangerous, and it cannot be denied that it lives, though its population and living habits are unknown. It is estimated that it stands about 3 feet tall at the shoulder. A small beast, but nonetheless deadly.

Jotun Edit


Depiction of a rather dangerous Cave Jotun, who was known to soak his hands and feet in the blood of his victims.

The dreaded Jotun, a semi-intelligent race of giant humanoids, ranging from savage to peaceful in nature. These creatures stand at about 12 feet tall in height, double that of the average man. They seem to come in two separate varieties, with the paler, almost hairless individuals that hide themselves away in caves being savage and bloodthirsty, whereas the nomadic, tanner, hairier sort preferring to wander the steppes, herding mammoths and rhinos for food, milk, and fur.


Depiction of a Steppes Jotun.

The first sort, known as Cave Jotun, are the more dangerous of the two types. These creatures tend to be very pale in appearance, and can range from standing upright, to be hunched over in an ape-like posture. These creatures show no mercy, and are known to be cruel in their methods, breaking all of the limbs of their prey, but leaving it alive, depositing it in their caves, only killing it once they are ready to feed. Luckily, these creatures are predictable, only leaving their caves to hunt at regular places, such as roads and trails.

The second type of Jotun, Steppes Jotun, are a far more docile species, avoiding conflict where they can. The exception to this rule, is if they are provoked, or an intruder stumbles into their camp. These Jotun are observed to always give warning grunts and shows of force before attacking however. Records also show that simple trade has actually been accomplished with these creatures as well, as they are just smart enough to understand pointing and offering of items.

Goblinfish Edit


A dangerous aquatic predator that makes its home in the larger rivers, canals, and lakes of Nashazemlya, the Goblinfish is a voracious flesh eater, known to prey on just about anything foolish enough to wander into its waters. Its razor sharp teeth slice through flesh with gruesome effectiveness, and its large size makes it more than capable of tearing apart a full grown man, whereas packs of these creatures have been observed to tear apart Mammoths. The danger is not just in the water, however, as victims have been surprised when the fish leap out of the water and snatch the unfortunate individuals out of boats, off of docks, and sometimes, off of the shore itself.

On the other hand, it is said that the meat of the Goblinfish is one of the greatest delicacies of Nashazemlya, said to have a taste coveted by even the royalty of Aeterna. Acquiring the flesh of this fish is as dangerous as it is rewarding, with entire fishing parties being killed by frenzied Goblinfish.

North Bass Edit


A common sight in the waters of Nasha, the North Bass is a widespread species, known to inhabit even some rivers and lakes in Northern Aeterna. It is one of the stable foods of the people of Nashazemlya, and is relatively harmless itself, in stark contrast to most of the other wildlife in the country.

Overall, this fish does not have many spectacular qualities. It is decently tasty, grows to about two feet long, and eats a wide variety of minnows and other small aquatic creatures.

Great Owl Edit


A predatory bird of the North, known for its cunning and problem solving skills, the Great Owl is perhaps one of the most intelligent birds around. These creatures can be trained to perform a variety of tasks, and are known to form mutually beneficial relationships with humans, whether out of necessity or convenience. One should not, however, take this to mean that they depend on humans for survival. The truth is far from it. The Great Owl is more than capable of surviving in the hazardous Northern wilderness, being both a silent and intelligent killer.

Great Owls are often hatched in captivity, and then raised and trained to perform certain tasks. They can learn to understand simple phrases, as well as perform several tasks. Some specimens have even been reported to be able to learn to read some simple words, making these birds potentially invaluable for reconnaissance and even sabotage.

Giant River Otter Edit


Swimming, hunting, and joyfully playing in many of Nashazemlya's rivers and lakes, is the Giant River Otter, a surprisingly friendly, yet also potentially dangerous creature, known to primarily eat the fish of the rivers. These creatures are known to travel in family groups, or, on some occasions, hunting packs. The latter most often occurs when they congregate to take on more dangerous targets, such as the Goblinfish. When this occurs, it is both a terrifying and horrifying sight to see, as the water roils and turns red.

Growing up to 10 feet in length, these creatures, as stated previously, are known to be very curious and playful, known to steal clothing, shoes, and all manner of items from travelers, in order to coax the individuals into the water to play.

Mountain Pika Edit


Possibly the greatest example of a creature who seems to break all the rules of Nashazemlya, is the Mountain Pika. Where most creatures of Nashazemlya can be dangerous under the right circumstances, the Pika is about as harmless as it gets. In addition to this, one would not consider cuddling or keeping any of the creatures of Nasha as a comfort pet. The Pika, is, again, an exception to this rule. These creatures are considered to be incredibly cute, and are often kept as pet by all manner of individuals. There are humorous stories of some great warlords keeping these creatures as pets, only to have the small balls of fur pop up out of the warlord's armor at inopportune times. Such as negotiations for tribute demands and threats of war.

Small, generally only reaching about 4 to 5 inches in height, the Pika is a welcome contrast to Nasha's normally unforgiving wildlife.